Rihanna’s Red Lipstick: Unleash Your Inner Diva with Bold Shades


No one rocks the red lipstick quite like Rihanna does. It’s a statement, a power move that the pop and fashion superstar effortlessly pulls off, and we are here to decode this iconic style for you.

Understanding Rihanna’s Red-Lipstick Look

Rihanna’s red lipstick is much more than just a beauty choice. It embodies confidence, fierceness and a daring touch of glamour rarely seen elsewhere. Rihanna often favours bold, vibrant shades of red that command attention and set her apart from everyone else in the room.

Perfect the Rihanna’s Red Lip Art

Crafting the perfect red lip à la Rihanna is a meticulous process. It starts with choosing the right shade of red that matches your skin tone and personality. Deep, fiery reds like Fenty Beauty’s Stunna lip paint in ‘Uncensored’ are Rihanna’s go-to for many events.

Once you have your chosen red lip paint, begin by exfoliating your lips to create a smooth canvas. Rihanna preps by slathering on a generous amount of lip balm to ensure her lips are well hydrated and primed.

Applying like a Pro

Rihanna’s flawless application technique makes the red lipstick stand out so magnificently. Following her style, it’s essential to start from the Cupid’s bow and move outward to the corners of your mouth, then fill in the center of the lips, layering the lipstick until you achieve desired saturation. A lip brush helps to be precise with the application.

For an added bonus, use a lip liner in a similar shade to define your lips and prevent the lipstick from bleeding. This small step is a game-changer, transforming your look from simple to glamorous within seconds.

Enhance Your Look

Accentuating your overall makeup perfectly with red lipstick is paramount. Rihanna often pairs her red lipstick with minimal eye makeup and a hint of blush to maintain focus on the vibrant lips. Having glowing skin and a subtle eyeshadow can go a long way in enhancing your red-lipstick look.

Making Red Lipstick Last

Rihanna definitely knows the secret of making the lipstick last. Her trick is to blot the first layer of lipstick with tissue, then dust some translucent powder over it, and finally, apply another layer of lipstick. Not only does this make the lipstick last longer, but it also helps to amplify the color.

Taking Care of Your Lips

Rihanna’s lips always look impeccably smooth, making the lipstick look potent on them. The secret lies in regular lip care routine involving exfoliation and hydration, particularly before applying go-to lipstick.


Stepping out with a red lipstick inspired by Rihanna’s style can be a bold statement to make. But with the right shade selection, proper application technique, and complementary makeup, you too can pull off Rihanna’s stylish, fiery red. Remember, wearing a red lipstick is more than just a makeup move- it’s a declaration of independence, boldness, and sassiness. So go ahead, put on your best red lipstick, and let your inner diva shine.

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