A Deep Dive Into Morgan Wallen’s ‘I Thought You Should Know’: A Comprehensive Analysis


Morgan Wallen’s captivating track, "I Thought You Should Know" is an emotional, touching exploration of remorse, longing, and the steadfastness of love. Released as a part of his second studio album ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’, the track showcases Wallen’s strength not only as a singer but also as a songwriter.

Wallen’s Powerful Vocal Performance

Morgan Wallen’s distinctive voice adds an extra dimension to I Thought You Should Know. We hear every nuance, every lament, every metaphorical shrug. His vocal prowess is perfectly aligned with the song’s emotional ebbs and flows, reinforcing the authenticity and depth of his storytelling.

Compelling Songwriting

The poignant lyrics of I Thought You Should Know are a testament to Wallen’s songwriting talent. With an effortless blend of poignant phrases and heartfelt confessions, he strikes a poignant chord, connecting with listeners on a profoundly personal level.

Comprehensive Breakdown of I Thought You Should Know

The Introduction

The track has a mellow acoustic-based intro, underpinned by Wallen’s emotive and raw vocal projection.

The Verses

The verses of I Thought You Should Know speak volumes about love, personal evolution and unspoken feelings, culminating in a powerful chorus that steals the spotlight.

The Chorus

The chorus is where Wallen’s exceptional songwriting comes into play. The infusion of a catchy tune with sentimental lyrics makes for an unforgettable experience for listeners.

The Impact of I Thought You Should Know

The impact of I Thought You Should Know on the country music genre is noteworthy. Wallen intelligently uses the track to converse with his fans providing them with a deeper understanding of his personal journey.

In Conclusion

Morgan Wallen’s I Thought You Should Know is a bold encapsulation of his rise in the country music genre, a personal talisman of his journey, his struggles, and his victories. There’s no question that Wallen’s deeply personal storytelling in song form, delivered with his unique voice, continues to resonate with fans, carving out a remarkable place for him in the world of country music.

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